When Should I Visit Walt Disney World?

My number 1 question when clients are asking for advice is “When is the best time to visit?” and if your schedule is flexible, it’s a great question to ask! Crowds fluctuate throughout the year but also Disney’s prices change based on the season and crowds. So let’s break down the best and worst times to be at Walt Disney World.

The times I’d avoid the parks are:
-MLK Weekend
-Presidents Day Weekend
-Spring Break
-Memorial Day Weekend
-July 4th
-Disney race weekends (these vary throughout the year)
I know those times might seem more convenient with school schedules but everyone has those times off and had the same thought. Also since they’re more crowded, the prices are the highest. If we can tweak your travel time a little, you’ll see fewer crowds and lower prices!

Better times to go to Walt Disney World:
January: after New Years – before MLK Weekend OR after MLK weekend through the end of January
February: first two weeks
May: first two weeks
August: last two weeks
September: all of September
October: first two weeks
November: first two weeks
December: first two weeks

This is just a vague outline of when I would and wouldn’t recommend going to Disney! I would love to talk further and help you find the right time to visit for your family’s schedule! You can always request a free quote or send me an email and let’s talk!

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